Here it is! THE BLOG!! Not to be confused with The Blob, which was a pretty cheesy monster movie from the 1950's. Hopefully, this will not be as groan-worthy as that. Or maybe it will be. Either way, feel free to comment and follow! I hope to see your smiling face adorning this page one day!  


The Fryer Family

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The start of something great!

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   New Moms...

   Do not speak badly of yourself. For the warrior that is inside you, hears your words and is lessened by them. 

   You are STRONG, and you are BRAVE

   There is a Nobility of Spirit within you.  Let It Grow

Staying Family

November 15, 2016  •  1 Comment

I was recently hired to take some family photos by a lady. Her request was that her ex-husband come along so he could have photos with his teenage son. Of course! That sounds like a fantastic idea! The ex-husband arrived with his new wife and two "littles" in tow. I expect tension. I expected trouble posing them to look nature. I didn't expect what I got.

This is how it should be. People staying family. People welcoming new people into their lives. To say my heart was swollen when I left them would be an understatement. THIS is how we should all live our lives. The hurt maybe doesn't ever really go away, but to deny yourself the richness that inclusion brings would be the real travesty. If you loved them once, don't lose sight of that. Move on, but still love.


What I learned about life today...

Life is like a wedding dress

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1-Trainer-08-06-2015-ladies (17)1-Trainer-08-06-2015-ladies (17)

life, like wedding dresses should be viewed as valuable, beautiful and delicate. All care should be made to keep it clean and in good shape. But they are also tough as nails, and bounce back from a tough day.

Spring is upon us!

March 02, 2016  •  1 Comment

"All I need is a little time in a beautiful place, to soothe my spirit" Bosumarne Falls1Bosumarne Falls1 Bosumarne Falls2Bosumarne Falls2


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